Camiel Boomsma is compared by the international press with Lupu, Pires, Hamelin and Richter. He is 'the poet of the piano'


Camiel Boomsma




Camiel Boomsma’s musicianship is described by press and public as highly sensitive and profound. His playing emphasis on telling the musical story. Boomsma has performed worldwide at many major venues including the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Teatro la Fenice in Venice, De Doelen concert hall in Rotterdam, De Philharmonie in Haarlem (NL), St John’s Smith Square London, Klavierfestival and Wagner Festspiele in Bayreuth, the series Master Pianist in Heerlen (NL) and played in Harbin Grand Theater, Tianjin Grand Theater, Shanghai City Theater, and Chengdu Concert Hall as part of a extensive solo recital tour through China.

Camiel Boomsma distinguishes himself as a pianist with a sound of his own. He aims for traditional as well as original repertoire. When preparing for a recital he likes to look beyond the piano literature’s horizon and, does not avoid unusual programming. An excellent example is Boomsma’s love for transcriptions, most notably those of the music of Richard Wagner.

Noteworthy concerts in 2018 are recitals at Schloss Elmau in Krün and his duo recitals dedicated to Debussy and Wagner for two pianos with world renowned pianist Severin von Eckardstein.

Boomsma has received great critical acclaim for his Wagner journey. Through solo transcriptions Wagner’s music becomes transparent and speaks to us in a refreshingand revealing way. His recordings for EtceteraRecords with Wagner transcriptions and Porazzi, published in 2015 and 2016, received raving reviews in BBC Music magazine (5 stars), Diapason (4 stars), Trouw, NRC, De Volkskrant, Luister Magazine, Classica and many more, and have been broadcasted extensively by France Musique, radio 4, Hr2Kultur and ORF.

Camiel’s first CD with Challenge Records is dedicated to Chopin and Schubert. He was invited to play Schubert live on TV in November 2017 in ‘Vrije Geluiden’, a Dutch TV programme. The national newspaper De Volkskrant wrote about this CD: Boomsma has velvet attached to his fingers! "…Compare Boomsma's view of Schubert's 21st piano sonata with that of the Polish piano God Krystian Zimerman (also just released) you know that it cannot be ignored. Zimerman plays brilliantly and sterile, with Boomsma the notes flow philosophically. Zimerman sometimes goes like bang, bang, bang, Boomsma has got velvet attached to his fingers. Where the Pole speaks of willpower and ambition, the Dutchman speaks of acquiescence and death…"  4* Guido van Oorschot, October 2017.

“…And under the fingers of Camiel Boomsma the Nocturnes are of a divine beauty, which makes you aware of the dreamy, musing character of the artist…”

ResMusica, February 2018.


“…He can compete in depth with pianists such as Radu Lupu and Maria Joao Pires…” – Pianowereld/Muze January 2018.