Camiel Boomsma review concert Vlissingen

New review for Camiel’s concert on 18-11-2018 in Vlissingen:
“…If you didn’t have goose bumbs because of the cold, you would have after the incredibly subtle and natural interpretations of pianist Camiel Boomsma.  A full hall enjoyed his recital in MuZEEum Vlissingen…”

“…He is only 27 years old and he already possesses the maturity of a great pianist. Camiel Boomsma is not a bravura pianist, he concentrates himself on the music and shares this with the listener. He tells his story in a special way, very natural, poetic even, but also full of emotions..”.
“…The Andante was played heartbreakingly beautiful and so very subtle…”. “…This sincere interpretation is really a top performance…”