Camiel Boomsma and Iyad Sughayer (quartre-mains)

Camiel about this programme: ”…It is no coincidence that Schubert and Mozart are two favourite composers of Camiel Boomsma and Iyad Sughayer. Mozart and Schubert both share a special kind of purity and sensitivity.

Such is also the case with the musicianship of Boomsma and Sughayer. When both pianists met each other in London they immediately engaged in lively conversation about their shared passion.

Boomsma and Sughayer strongly sense each other’s individual interpretation. Sughayer’s natural feeling for the profound bright music of the Viennese masters, and Boomsma’s strong intuition for the romantic soul complement each other like yin and yang. Their shared love for poetic and romantic music is expressed in the ever so beautiful Dolly Suite by Fauré and in Dvorak’s picturesque Slavonic dances. A perfect match!…”

Mozart Piano Sonata for 4 hands, KV 521 (15’)
Schubert Fantasie in F minor for Piano Four Hands, D940 (20’)
Fauré Dolly Suite for 4 hands Op.56 (15’)i
Dvořák Slavonic Dances for 4 hands Op. 46 (25’)