Trio Basilova/Fridman/Napolov


Helena Basilova- piano; Maya Fridman- cello; Konstantyn Napolov- percussion

Pianist Helena Basilova, cellist Maya Fridman and percussionist Konstantyn Napolov are being drawn together by a mutual passion for new music and by the endless search for new colours and new sounds in music.
Since 2018 they form this exciting and unique ensemble, working closely together with composers of today, creating new compositions and broadening the boundaries of existing repertoire.

Programme 1
Daniel Wohl Microscope (trio + soundtrack, 2019) 10’
Tobias PM Schneid Pas de Trios (2018) 13’
Aart Strootman Obscure Atlas Sg-3 (trio, 2018) 20’
Ina Meredi Finding Gravity (trio, 2018) 10’
For a programme with interval we add:
Christian Dieck DIS-Connect (2018) 12’
Programme 2 with duos and solos
Louis Andriessen Woodpacker (percussion solo, 1999) 7’
Aart Strootman Obscure Atlas Sg-3 (trio, 2018) 20’
Henriëtte Bosmans Nuit Calme (cello & piano, 1926) 7’
Jan Peter de Graaf The Bells of St. Clement’s: I.Oranges and lemons 9’
Ina Meredi Finding Gravity (trio, 2018) 10’
Manuel Da Falla Siete Canciones Populares (cello & percussion, 1914) 15’
Daniel Wohl Microscope (trio + soundtrack, 2019) 10’

In 2020, it is 130 years ago that one of the greatest Dutch artists Vincent van Gogh died. Trio Basilova/Fridman/Napolov have asked three composers to write new works for the trio, drawing their inspiration from paintings by Van Gogh or his live story.

The composers are the American Molly Joyce who works with German writer and David Lang is the curator of this project. They will write 8 songs (20’)

Dutch composer Martijn Padding has recommended his student, composer from Venezuela Martín Francisco Mayo, for writing the encore piece. He is inspired by the painting Wheatfield with Crows (4’)

The third composer is the Dutch Robin de Raaff, who wants to write a 22 minutes piece.

The paintings will be shown during the concert when a beamer is available or can be performed with action-painting. To be discussed.

Programme 4 with String Orchestra
Triple Concerto by David Lang