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Matangi Quartet nominated for International Classical Music Award 2021

International Classical Music Award Nomination
Matangi Quartet’s Album VII LW, with Haydn’s composition ‘Die Sieben Letzen Worte’, has been nominated for an International Classical Music Award. Earlier, the CD received the Luister 10 and a Supersonic award, supported by beautiful reviews:

“Nuances in dynamics and colour, subtle phrasing, expressive pauses let the music appear in all its significance, without any exaggeration, always tasteful and with an excellent knowledge of the appropriate performing style. All this makes this release another reference recording of one of the greatest works of quartet literature.” (Remy Franck)

(VII-LW is released on Matangi Music)
Thanks to Bert van der Wolf, Martijn van der Wolf, Christel Drees, Marcel van den Broek (Oak-Studio), [PIAS], de Doelen.

Other artists nominated in this category: Quatuor Ébène, Tabea Zimmermann, Frank Peter Zimmermann, Meta4, G. Capuçon, G. Kremer