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Metamorphoses 5 years!

Metamorphoses 5 years!
This month we celebrate the 5th anniversary of Metamorphoses. They have toured in Netherlands, UK and Spain and hopefully they can continue with their concerts this summer – after more than a year silence. Many concerts are plannend in UK, Netherlands and they start this summer in Spain. They are also very much looking forward to go to Russia for some concerts coming season.
Last season should have seen the world première of Theo Loevendie’s piece METAMORF, which was specially written for them, but this has been moved forward to the 2021/22 season.
Here’s a video to celebrate their 5th anniversary:

Metamorphoses UK tour February 2020

Today Metamorphoses start their UK tour in Ilkley. Pianist Ilona Timchenko is at home with a new baby on the way. We are grateful that Elena Fischer-Dieskau could take over from Ilona.
UK Tour dates are:
12-2-2020 Ilkley
13-2-2020 Morpeth
14-2-2020 Matlock
16-2-2020 Spalding
17-2-2020 Bury St Edmonds
19-2-2020 Preston

Review Metamorphoses CD BBC

BBC Radio3 reviewed Metamorphoses’ debut CD in BBC Record Review: “…Metamophoses are fantastic, incredibly clever, tight and very polished. Beautiful frasings…”.

BBC Record Review, BBC 3, Saturday 7 April 2018