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Ten Songs of Change Sacred Tour: Maya Fridman and Marion von Tilzer

Maya Fridman, cello en vocals
Marion von Tilzer, piano


30 juli 20.00 uur De Duif, Amsterdam*
6 augustus 17.00 en 19.00 uur He Hua Tempel Amsterdam*
8 augustus 14.00 en 16.00 uur Het Kloosterhuis, Sambeek
14 augustus 16.00 en 19.00 uur Nieuw Sion, Diepenveen
15 augustus 14.00 uur Soefi Tempel, Katwijk
19 augustus 17.00 en 19.00 uur Vredeskerkje Bergen
27 augustus 19.00 en 21.00 uur Lutherse Kerk, Maastricht
29 augustus 14.00 en 16.00 uur Synagoge, Delft

*with live calligraphy by Loi-Che Rakhorst.

EXTENDED tour date:
24 oktober 2021, 16.00 uur, Trinitatiskapel Dordrecht.

Tickets € 15 (Duif Amsterdam € 20 and Synagoge Delft € 17,50 incl. consumption)
Via: Mary Kaptein Management, or 06-22977189 (Duif Amsterdam via eventbrite)
Payments by PIN or cash.


Marion von Tilzer, composition/piano

Loi Che Rakhorst, live calligraphy

Maya Fridman, cello/vocals

The performance Ten Songs of Change is a Concert Poem. It is based on the Yi Jing, the ancient Chinese book of wisdom, possibly the oldest book on the planet. Like other monuments of human culture, it was a cooperative effort spanning many centuries. The oldest ideas in the book were probably handed down by the elders of nomadic tribes. These early authors observed the stars and tides, plants and animals, various cycles of natural events, as well as patterns of relationship in families and societies, the practice of business, craft of government and the grim art of warfare and the eternal human dramas

of love, ambition, conflict and honour. And instead of creating a fixed chart of the cosmos, they put together a guide to the way things change: a fluid interconnected system of relations: the 8 trigrams and 64 hexagrams. My inspiration for the music came from the emotional aspects attributed to the eight trigrams, which form the basic elements in nature. During the process of writing the music, something special happened: the energy of each trigram I was composing the music for, appeared in various areas of my life. Having such tangible experience of the trigrams enabled me to transform the experience in a very direct way into music. The order of the trigrams presented in our performance forms an entire cycle of day and night, as each trigram also represents a specific time of day. We begin and end at nighttime. (Marion von Tilzer)

The Movements:

Introduction & Prologue; Water; Mountain; Thunder; Wind;  Fire; Earth; Lake; Heaven; Epilogue/Night Song

This project was premiered at the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam on August 14th 2019.


Rubens Consort

Sarah Kapustin – violin    Roeland Jagers – viola     Sietse-Jan Weijenberg – cello

The Rubens Consort is a flexible ensemble made up of world-class musicians who share friendship and a passion for chamber music. Rooted in the rich and refined tradition of the former Rubens Quartet, the leaders of the Consort interpret masterpieces for small and large ensembles from all periods in music history. The musicians of the Rubens Consort gratefully play on instruments on loan to them from the Dutch Music Instrument Foundation.

For the coming seasons they have planned two programmes:


Programme 1:
Bach / Sitkovetsky Goldberg Variations
Programme 2:
Beethoven Five Stringquartets (opus 3, 8 and 9:1-3) in a series of two concerts, completed with Duet mit zwei obligaten Augengläsern (viola/cello)